We have experienced team as outsourcing & human resource development practitioners.
We are supported by administration, payroll & database applications.
We are supported by up to date candidate data
We are doing psycho test process using computerized method.
We are collaborating with HR Consultants, in this case, firstasia consultants as ‘sister company’.

We also need to inform you that, WE DO NOT CHARGE ADDITIONAL COSTS FROM THE CANDIDATES to keep their work motivation, therefore there will be conducive climate among the clients.

In this cooperation, Mitra Kerja will assist clients in procuring and managing the human resources, especially in correlation to the contract employees. The employment status of the employees is the employees of Mitra Kerja who working for clients.

Mitra Kerja will also provide the performance appraisal form. This form can be used as consideration for renewing or terminating employee contract.
In this cooperation Mitra Kerja will be responsible for:
• Candidates recruitment using the following selection stages: administrative screening, psycho test, & initial interview.
• Delivering the candidate that passes the selection to the client for further interviewing.
• Processing of job contract and status reviewing process.
• Payroll process management.
• Assisting clients in solving problem related to the industrial relation matters.
We provide high quality human resources for low level to executive level, such as administration staff, sales person, front liner, temporary staff, and other position.

Mitra Kerja has manage approximately 850 employees, with mostly 40% of it have S1 degree. Mitra Kerja also has placing employees in several kind of company, banking, retail, consumer goods, media, distribution, manufacture, etc. We can inform you list of our clients, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Main Office:
Wisma 76, 18th floor
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 76
Jakarta Barat 11410
p: 021.536 77 222
f: 021.536 77 666
email: [email protected]

Surabaya Branch:
Komplek RMI
Jl. Ngagel Jaya Selatan Blok H No. 1
Surabaya 60284
p: 031.501 9845
f: 031.504 3177